101-107 Post roaD East

The property lies between the Post Road and Church Lane directly adjacent to the old Westport bank and Trust building.  The 13,880 SF lot contains three structures; 101 and 107 Post Road East (PRE) and the Sherwood Mansion which was built in 1820 and was later relocated to its resting place on Church Lane.  We designed a two storey addition of 800 sf footprint to 107 PRE and relocating the Sherwood Mansion closer to Church Lane. This addition of 1,600 SF to the Church Lane and Post Road levels was made possible by removing the uppermost level of 101 and 107 PRE.  Trading the undesirable and logistically difficult third level allowed the modern addition which awakened the Church Lane Facade by creating a dialogue between old and new. It also transformed an inferior low ceilinged retail floor into a soaring exploration into an old building. 

Our intent was to renovate these three structures so that they will readily accommodate new commercial uses and contribute to the overall vitality of the downtown area while enhancing the neighborhood development in ways that are consistent with the Westport Town Plan.  By revitalizing the Sherwood Mansion we maintained the existing rhythm and streetscape of Church Lane.  The addition of a public plaza bridges the transition from the smaller scale timber residential structures to the larger scale masonry structures of 101,107 PRE and the Westport Bank and Trust Building (now Patagonia) as well as create a pedestrian connection between the Post Road and Church Lane.  The exterior façade treatments proposed for 101 and 107 PRE are intended to reinforce this transition while supporting the new retail uses within. The proposed renovation drawings resulted in a completed lease before construction began.