215 Elm Street

We came to understand the new building at 215 Elm Street as a pavilion, a small ancillary structure, related to the large Walter Stewart's Grocery store on one side and the King Casey building on the other but separate, unique and special. This new building was proposed in the Village District of New Canaan CT. A district that is protective of its unique heritage and character.  New Canaan has an interesting and varied architectural history of both traditional american architecture along side of a strong Mid-century Modernist tradition. 

While located on Elm Street the building site is Even though the building is small, it is divided into two uses, a retail store below and an office or other commercial use above. The pre- existing bank drive up structure had a brick base which we elaborate in this new scheme to provide a base for the glass pavilion above. One does not have to go far in New Canaan to find ample precedents for structures with this kind of character.  The substantial modernist house group, usually referred to as New Canaan’s “collection” provides numerous examples of structures with bases routed to the ground supporting “floating” pavilions above.

Houses like Breuer II, the Willey house, and later, the Bremer house all fit into this group. We believe that the pavilion is the right metaphor for a destination building that is so much smaller than its neighbors. You will see it as a special structure and you will want to go to it to see what it is, to find out more about it.

We believe that this structure that will adds to the fabric of the town that is contextual to its surrounding buildings while standing on its own as a unique and interesting building.