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Ideology - Frederick William Hoag Architect


Our goal is to create distinctive thoughtful architecture grounded in its context time and place. Our Architecture reflects the individuality of each relationship forged between our client, program and site. We seek no specific style preferring to allow a unique solution to grow from the balance of artistic endeavor functional requirements, environmental responsibility and financial constraints.


Frederick William Hoag Architect believes that design excellence is achieved by fostering an environment where integrity, creativity, teamwork, experience and the ability to learn is prized. This culture provides our clients with imaginative solutions based in reality and backed by the highest level of service. The ultimate solution is arrived at as a result of teaming successfully with the client and is culminated in a unique space or building which fulfills the demands and desires of the client and whose inherent veracity contributes to the fabric of its surroundings.

As architects we see our work gaining true relevance through community. It is interaction of society with a building or space that determines its significance. Frederick William Hoag Architect has, sought to draw on its background of social service to help formulate a practice whose values keep community at the forefront. In this pursuit it has been our priority design sustainable solutions that enhance each locality’s vision of the future.


Working with developers, landowners and commercial tenants we recognize our professional services must encompass the ability to expedite their projects through the local approvals process. We endeavor to develop a good working relationship with the local planning and zoning departments. We approach zoning issues much like any other design problem reviewing the client’s program requirements, analyzing the local zoning regulations and uncovering the common ground between the two that will ensure the success of the project. Once reviewed, a strategy is formulated with the client and zoning approvals are realized by teaming with the local zoning officials.

Frederick William Hoag Architect’s ‘ projects include the programming, planning and design of all types of new structures, their interiors; and the renovation, reuse and conservation of existing structures. The firm’s clients include arts and civic organizations, corporations, industrial and research partners, and private residential clients.